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We have quite a few chains that sell “Mexican” food around here, so we frequently get confused with other stores so usually I’m extremely understanding however

Customer: can I have the fish tacos please?
Me: yes are (toppings) okay?
Customer: I came in here 6 months ago and you guys had the fish tacos with sour cream and cheese not those other toppings!
Me: I can easily add cheese and sour cream on the tacos if you’d like, and since you had them before I’ll do it free of charge!
Customer: there’s a charge for cheese and sour cream?
Me: not usually on our regular items unless the guest asks for extra but on the fish tacos since they’re made a special way, it’s a little bit of an up charge
Customer: well why can’t I get cheese and sour cream without being charged?!?
Me: sir, I just offered to add cheese and sour cream…
Customer: (goes off into a rant about how we steal every dime from him and how he can’t believe how crooked we are)
Me: I’m sorry sir but…
My manager then interjects once he calls me a explicit name: sir, she offered to not charge you, you inquired further, she’s merely stating what our store policy is
Customer: (glaring at us both) I want the tacos with cheese, sour cream, and (other toppings)
Me: (smiling) no problem sir! Would you like them hard or soft?
Customer: is it an extra charge for either?
Me: Uhm no sir?

My manager in the end after the exchange was like, I can’t believe you offered them free to begin with as he was rude to you from the start but I always believe people get us confused with a different store so I tend to be more understanding

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