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, | Unfiltered | May 22, 2020

(I’m a customer in the pub, sitting there with a small group of people, having a chat and everything. Suddenly a guy walks to us.)

Stranger: *Nervous, anxious voice, on the brink of agression.* “‘scuse me, did you guys see someone at the slot machine?”

(There are two slot machines in the pub. There are always some people at them, but of course we didn’t pay attention to who had been standing there at all.)

We: “No.”

Stranger: *Moves along and starts asking the same question to other people.*

(Also I didn’t like his anxious tone. Within 5 minutes I saw him making angry, aggressive noises, while the biggest, strongest staff member of that night was restraining him. Eventually the guy was kicked out. I never found out why he wanted to know if someone had been at the slot machine.)

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