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(I work at a movie theater with assigned seating and reclining seats, both of which are advertised on the front of our building in a large, neon sign. I have this conversation multiple times a shift, to the point where I get surprised when it doesn’t happen.)

Me: “Hello, what can I get for you today?”

Customer: “I’d like [number] tickets to the [time] showing of [movie].”

Me: “Sure thing!” *Motions to the screen directly in front me showing the layout of their auditorium* “Green seats are available, row A is in the front, closest to the screen, and row G is in the back, farthest away. Where would you like to sit?”

Customer: “Where is the screen?”

Me: “Row A would be closest to the screen.” *while motioning to where it says ‘SCREEN’ twice in big bold letters on the layout*

Customer: “Which would make the back…?”

Me: “Row G, Sir/Ma’am.”

Customer: “Can I have these blue seats right here?”

Me: “No, Sir/Ma’am. Those are our handicapped seats, I can get you anything in green.”

Customer: “I can only get green?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “This must be a new system, how long have you done this?”

Me: “Ten months, Sir/Ma’am.”

Customer: “Well it’s very confusing. I guess I’ll get these green ones.” *pointing to layout that is facing away from me on a fixed screen.*

Me: “Which seats?”

Customer: “5 and 4.”

Me: “For which row?”

Customer: “5 and 4.”

Me: “Which letter?”

Customer: “Oh.” *pauses to look at screen.* “Row E.”

(The rest of the transaction usually goes smoothly. Sometimes people who pay with card try to hand me their card through the money hole even though there’s a card machine directly between that hole and the layout screen. Mostly I’m just appalled by people’s listening skills. I’m not talking because I like the sound of my own voice.)