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I work for a popular candle/ body fragrance store. An older lady walks in & I greet her.
Me: Hi welcome to [store name]. Can I help you find anything today?
Customer: Hi, I’m looking for Honolulu Sun hand soap?
Me: Oh I’m sorry, but that only comes out during the summer!
We were barely coming out of winter.
Customer: *Angrily*You never have the soap I want!! That’s the only soap I want & you never have it!!!
At this point a few customers are staring at us.
Me: I’m sorry, perhaps I could help you find something similar?
Before she could say anything, my manager comes over & asks what was wrong. The customer then tells her & my manager sends me to the cash wrap to check out some customers. The customer I was checking out laughed at the situation she just heard.
Customer: well you guys always have the soaps I want!
I smile at her & thank her.

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