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In my store, we have a place for people to leave behind change. Mostly, people drop pennies for other customers to use. One day, I’m working and our change holder is empty.
Me: Your total is [amount].
Customer: [hands over a bill] Can you spot me the change? I leave pennies in there all the time.
He says this right as I hit the button and my drawer opens. The change dispenser empties his change and he goes off.
Customer: Are you serious? I don’t want all this d*** change! Couldn’t you just spot me the change and give me another dollar?!
Me: *visibly scared* Okay, sir, I’m sorry for the trouble. *hands over a dollar and puts the change back*
Customer: Now was that so hard?
The man walks away, grumbling under his breath. The lady behind him comes up to me.
Lady: Are you okay?
Me: I’m fine. Why?
Lady: I thought he was going to punch you. I didn’t want you to get hurt because he wants more money.

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