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So in this story, I’m the dumb customer. A couple nights ago was the midnight release of the sequel of a popular boon series.

Me: So how many people were there last night? When I went to (previous book’s premier), it was packed.

Cashier: Oh, there were about XXX people, but most of them were through the line when I got there at 1am.

Me: Wow. That’s crazy!

Cashier: (puts book into a nice, cloth bag while I pay. Usually you have to pay about $20 for a tote bag from them, so I got super excited)


Me: (pause embarrassed) I ment to say bag. That’s a very nice bag…..I mean, it’s a bookstore. You sell books. Of course it’s a book.

Cashier: (laughs, hands me my bag with my book) Have a great day!

This cashier is super nice everytime I come in, and I’ve said some pretty boneheaded things to him already. This is just the best one.