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So I’ll just start off by saying had a bad night before and not much sleep already and opening at 8am as a cashier at Home Depot. First customer of the day comes up to the pro register carrying a 2×4 and some other item , asks me where our gift cards were I point him down mid store to where our display was located. He asks me if I could get one for him, I say sorry but I’m not allowed to leave my register. He grunts off to go get one comes back and slams it down on my regester and says and a really nasty voice this is horrible customer service as I begin to ring him up, I ask him why ? He says because you made me even though I’m limping ( yet he carried 2×4 whole way to care display dunno why if he was “limping”) I just apologize and tell him I’m sorry, he proceeds to yell at me well sorrys not good enough ! I just look at him dumbfounded and keep ringing his stuff up then he proceeds to keep yelling so I stop ringing him up try to walk away and tell him I’m not ringing him up anymore and he’ll have to use the self checkout, he freaks out and keeps yelling . I don’t know why but I ended up snapping and yelling at him back. Head cashier and manager came and kicked him out. Turns out state trooper was behind him and tried to help me and saved my job. So there’s that.