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I’m a cashier and it has been a very busy day, usually people here are really kind and they are understanding about our typical policies when it comes to alcohol. We’re required to check a person’s ID if they look younger than 40. A lady came through my line today with a 24 pack of beer, I always ask before I scan the alcohol if the person has their ID if I they don’t look 40. She looked like she couldn’t have been older than 20 if that. I asked and she simply told me her birthday. I said ma’am I need to see your ID in order to sell you this. She said oh the manager standing over by the alcohol in the back said I wouldn’t need to and I know the store manager as well, you should know who I am too. I have no idea who the manager she’s talking about is and I don’t know her either. Also I know no manager would allow this. I want to say I can call over my manager up front and maybe she could help her out. She cuts me off after I say manager though and says to the cashier next to me could you check me out since obviously this b**** doesn’t know who I f****** am. When he looks at me he’s overheard the whole conversation and knows he can’t help her. He says I’m sorry I can’t. She cuts him off and says I’ll give you a present if you do help me out big boy. He turns red. By now a manager shows and while the lady is busy trying to seduce him I explain what she’s doing the manager pipes up and says ma’am without an ID we cannot sell you the alcohol I can hold it for you until you get your ID at this the customer then looks between her me and the other cashier spits at me and her and walks out after giving the other cashier the bird.