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(I’m a full-time staff member, so I get asked things by part-timers and new guys all the time)
New coworker: This customer got self-levelling compound instead of tile adhesive.
Me: Has he brought it in?
New coworker: He has but our stock is right.
(He offers me the despatch note, I spot the problem)
Me: This is for [branch] not us, they have their stock wrong.
(I go with him, heart sinking, this has happened before and customers have gone crazy because of what I have to tell them.)
New Coworker: I checked the stock and we’re fine, and the despatch note says this is from [branch] so you have to talk to them about it.
Customer: Really?
Me: If we were to make the exchange our stock would be wrong and head office won’t tolerate another store correcting their mistakes.
Customer: I see, all right, I’ll go talk to them.
(I found myself letting out a huge sigh of relief internally. Mister, thanks for understanding)

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