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[Like a lot of shops, we have to charge 5p for a plastic bag. Despite being well advertised when it started, and in existence for several months, people are still surprised by it. A lot of people are also unaware the money goes to charity.]

Me: Would you like a bag? It’s 5p

Customer 1: No, I refuse to pay on principle.

Me: In case you’re not aware, the money goes to charity, not the government.

Customer 1: Really?

Me: Yes, each company donates theirs to a different charity. [Supermarket] donates theirs to [charity] and we donate ours to [other charity].

Customer 1: I didn’t know that. Well, I have a bag anyway, so I’m fine, thanks

[Customer 1 leaves, Customer 1 approaches the cash desk]

Me: Would you like a bag? It’s 5p.

Customer: I wouldn’t mind paying if they did it properly but you see plastic bottles all over the countryside and … no.

Me: Just so you know, the money goes to charity, not to the government.

Customer [haughtily]: I don’t care where it goes if it’s not being done properly.

Me [confused]: Ok, no problems. That’ll be [amount].

[Quite what plastic BOTTLES have to do with people paying 5p for a bag, I’ve no idea. Second, the 5p bag charge is for charity, not waste disposal/recycling. Also, since plastic bags are a commodity companies have to pay for and must donate the money the bags raise to charity, if anyone is strewing them all over the countryside, it’s probably the customers who buy them]

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