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I work at an ice rink as a skate guard. I basically skate around make sure nobody gets hurt and when I’m not skating I give out skates. It’s a slow summer day so nobody was here. My coworkers have done this “duck hunt” where we hide these tiny bath ducks around the rink. One spot was in the rink on our flag. The flag is held by a wire and a long stretch of wood. As a hiding spot we tried putting the duck on the plank. The only problem is we have our “cooler air condoning” right above it so it swings constantly. We put the duck on a hockey stick and tried to slide it on the wood. What we didn’t realize was this woman watching our failures and dying of laughter. Her daughter was on the ice learning to skate while she was watching from above through glass. We failed about 10 times and gave up because people had start coming in. As we were getting back to our shift she stopped us and said “That was the funniest thing I’ve seen today, thank you for making my day!” We told her how stupid we were for going around the rink hiding toy ducks but she thought it was hilarious and will keep and eye out for some ducks!