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As an avid thrifter, I frequent the three thrift shops (Goodwill, Salvation Army) in my area almost weekly, if not more. I’ve never had issues with rude staff at any location, and they’re always friendly and conversational. This takes place when I’m standing in line to checkout.

Clerk: And this one is $5.

Customer: Why? It’s not a good brand. All of the others are $2.50!

Clerk: It’s been marked up because it’s not a child’s t-shirt. It’s a men’s shirt.

Customer: But it’s not even a good brand. It should be $2.50.

Clerk: I’m not allowed to give it to you for that price, as it’s a men’s shirt, not a children’s t-shirt like the others.

Customer: Well, I want it for $2.50. It’s not a good brand!

The clerk calls for a price check and the manager comes out, and she explains.

Manager: Yes, it’s $5.

Customer: But it’s not a good brand!!

(At this point I can’t help but wonder why the lady is so adamant about getting it if “it’s not a good brand” in her mind.)

Manager: It’s $5. It’s a men’s shirt, and that’s what we price them at. I won’t give it to you for $2.50.

Needless to say, she didn’t get the overpriced, off brand shirt. Seriously, why tries to barter at a Goodwill?! Yeah, they got it for free but they have bills to pay like every other organization.

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