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I am a veterinarian in a country clinic. A client comes in who is notorious for being rude to the reception and nursing staff on the phone, but usually being lovely to the veterinarians. I have just finished a consultation, which included a number of things, resulting in a fairly hefty bill. The way our clinic is set up is there is a small window between the consult room and the reception desk. Clients can’t see in without leaning over the reception, and I can’t see out from where I’m sitting, but I can hear everything that goes on. The following ensues whilst I’m sitting in the consult room doing paperwork:

Receptionist: Your bill for today comes to (total)

Client: What? What on earth for? All I got was some tablets and some shampoo.

Receptionist: Ma’am, there is the consultation charge and you are also buying a small bag of dog food. The main expense is (medication that is pricey but effective).

Client: That’s f***ing ridiculous. And (Boss) never ever charges me for a consult. I want to speak to him.

Receptionist: I’m afraid he’s not in today. But I can get (Manager) for you if you would like to discuss it with him.

Client: I don’t want to talk to bloody (Manager). He’s a money-grabbing a***hole. I want you to remove those charges right now!

Receptionist: I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Client: I’ve been a loyal client to (Boss) for 10 years! But if this is how he is going to treat his good clients, I’ll just take my business to (nearest clinic that is an hour’s drive away).

At this point I’ve had enough, and walk out of the back door of the consultation room and around to reception, where the receptionist is still trying to explain the client’s bill to her.

Me: Is there a problem here?

Client: *suddenly sweet* Oh no, everything is fine. Your receptionist has just added some incorrect charges onto my bill and refuses to take them off. She’s also put the wrong price on (medication). I’m a good friend of (Boss) and he never charges me a consult.

Me: Actually, (Client), I am the one who bills out the charges, not the reception staff. I also explained (medication) to you and how expensive it was, and gave you alternative, cheaper options. You chose that one. Lastly, (Boss) may give you discounts, but I’m not (Boss), and anyway, I highly doubt he doesn’t charge you. So I’d very much appreciate if you would stop abusing the rest of the staff, because quite frankly, it is not going to change the total of your bill.

Client: *slightly taken aback, but getting indignant at the accusation* I have never abused anyone at this clinic!

Me: The vets do talk to the rest of the staff, (Client), and word gets around about who is nice to deal with and who isn’t. I also heard your entire conversation with (Receptionist). So please would you kindly pay your bill, and maybe be a little more thoughtful when you next visit us?

I walked off and waited just out of view in case she kicked up a fuss again. She quietly paid her bill and left. I did get a “stern” talking to by my manager, but he admitted he probably would have said something similar. So remember people, don’t be an a***hole on the phone or in the waiting room – the people you’re wanting to see will know about it!