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(I have been working at my local hobby shop, the kind with radio control vehicles and aircraft, for over three years and have always had to deal with mild sexism. On this day, I’m working a ten-hour day and I only get a 30 minute break during shift change. At shift change, my employee ‘Sarah’ will be replaced by ‘John’. The customer brought in his airplane for a repair as well as a second diagnosis as the employee who first diagnosed his plane didn’t properly inspect it. I have decided that I’m going to give up five minutes of my break time to completely fix his plane, which I am in the process of doing. Everything was going well until…)

Me: “Okay, just give me a moment and we’ll pop this back in and test it.”
Customer: “I think there’s a piece missing.”
Me: “I’m screwing the prop shaft back in place on the gearbox, we can put some thread locker on it to avoid it happening again.”
Customer: *notices John walk in for his shift* “There he is! There’s the man! He’ll know what’s wrong with it!
Me: *dumbfounded* “John?!”
Customer: “Yeah, yeah. I bet he can fix it!”
Me: *trying to maintain my composure* “Sure, okay. Hey, John? Can you help this customer out? I have to clock out for my break.”
John: *confused* “Uh… yeah, sure!”
Me: *sets down almost completely fixed gearbox and clocks out*
Customer: *excitedly begins to explain to John what has happened so far*

The customer had to wait until I got back from break 30 minutes later to have his plane fixed, because, as he found out, John was new and had never so much as touched a radio controlled airplane.