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[A regular comes to our store who likes his drink. On this particular day, in my shift he has come in for a drink about four times. When he turns up an hour before closing, he reeks of alcohol but is still fairly pleasant. Out of habit I tell him what his total is … this is my first mistake]
Me: That’s £1.75 please.
Customer: I come in here every day. You don’t need to tell me how much it is.
Me: I’m sorry. I get too used to telling everyone.
[The customer hands me the money and I give him the change. And then comes my next “force of habit”]
Me: Thank you. Have a good day!
Customer: No love, I don’t think I will. You know I’ve just been to [supermarket] just for a p*ss and the [obscenity] security guard threw me out.
Me: Oh …
Customer: Just because I’m banned from there. All I did was throw a can at one of them guys who pushes the trolleys around. Now they won’t even let me in to use the toilet! How ridiculous is that?
Me: Well …
Customer: So I just said f**k you to him. You know what I mean?
Me: I guess …
Customer: And then I went to that new betting shop. My son works there so you’d think he’d let me. He told me to f**k off as well.
[At this point our store’s security guard has wandered to the front of the store. He stands near the door and watches the guy as he rants on at me for what must be half an hour. I serve customers in between his rants which are growing even more obscene and weird]
Customer: Look at these things [He picks up a packet of sweets we have as a till promotion] These are on that advert with the giraffe aren’t they?
Me: Yeah I think they are.
Customer: What are you doing tonight anyway?
[I shrug and give a slight shake of my head to say “I don’t know”]
Customer: What do you mean “no”? Why do you all think I’m coming on to you? Every time I come into this store you all think I’m coming on to you! I only asked what you were doing tonight, f**ck sake.
Security guard: Sorry to interrupt. [My name], you’ve got to get to your training before the store closes so [colleague] will be taking you off the till.
[My colleague shows up and I make a quick escape from this strange drunk guy. The security guard had seen I was getting a little nervous by the way the drunkard was starting to react, so he worked out this “training” story just to get me off the tills. The drunkard has come back since, but a lot more sober. We’re all keeping an eye on him just in case!]