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[There’s a football match on locally, and a lot of people are going to watch it. Halfway through my shift a guy shows up, clearly very merry and in good spirits, and buys a couple of bottles of alcohol]
Customer: I’m going to watch the match today!
Me: Who are we playing against?
Customer: It’s [town], and we’re gonna win!
Me: I bet we will. That’ll be [total] please.
[He gives me the money]
Customer: You like football?
Me: Not really, to be honest.
Customer: Come to the match with me! It’ll change your mind!
Me: It’s okay, but thank you.
Customer: You sure you don’t want to come to the match?
Me: I’m sure. I hope we win though.
[The customer walks away, but stops by the door to shout another invitation at me. I just smile and shake my head. The next customer walks up and he’s clearly trying not to laugh]
Customer #2: Are you sure you don’t want to go?
Me: Quite sure!