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(I had a customer who was returning an item and then had other items that she wanted to buy.)

Me: Okay, so $21.44 is going to go back on your credit card. You can swipe your card on the machine.

Customer: (swipes card) Okay. Is that it?

Me: I just need your signature on this receipt right here, please.

(customer signs receipt for refund and I begin ringing up her items that she wants to buy)

Me: All right, so your total comes to $24.53.

Customer: Okay, I want to use the credit I got from the refund for this.

Me: Okay, so then you can go ahead and swipe the same credit card on the machine.

Customer: (swipes card) Wait, why do I have to pay twice? I want to use the credit from the return!

Me: Right. I put $21.44 back on your credit card, and now you are using that credit towards this purchase.

Customer: I understand that. But where is the credit from my return? You went too fast! Now I have to pay you twice!

Me: No, ma’am. You got the money back from your return. That money was credited back to your credit card.

Customer: Ugh! So now it’s too late. I guess I’ll have to use my credit on my next purchase since you wouldn’t let me use it this time.

Me: (stares at her for a moment) Ma’am, I’m sorry for the confusion. But you already used your credit from the refund. Just now, on these items. You were not charged twice. The different is only about $3…

Customer: Whatever, I’m leaving now! (storms out of store)

Me: Have a fantastic day!