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(I work at a small family business that my mother owns. We offer a variety of foods, including breakfast served all day, burgers, fryer options, mexican, cold sandwiches and wraps, and a small selection of fried pies. When my mother last updated the menu was when we added the pies to it, but she forgot to mention that they were fried so I typically have to mention that to customers when they try to order a slice of peach pie that it’s fried. Most customers are deterred by that fact but they are always polite about it. This situation was a bit different.)

Customer 1: *comes up to the counter with Customer 2 after reading our menu for about 10 minutes* “Excuse me, does your peach pie come with ice cream?”

(I have no idea where she got this idea because no where on our menu mentions ice cream so I’m a bit taken aback by this. I also figure she doesn’t know our pie is fried.”

Me: “Oh, no it doesn’t. Also the pie is fried.”

Customer 1: “Oh. Does that mean everything is fried?”

Me: *again, a bit taken aback by the question* “All our pies, yes.”

Customer 1: “Well, then my husband will have a plate of fries, and I will take the corn dogs.”

Me: *begins ringing them up* “And what side would you like with that?”

Customer 1: “Fries.”

Me: *adds that* “Anything else?”

Customer 1: *looks to customer 2* “Do you want anything?”

Customer 2: “Well…I really want a turkey sandwich…but that’s not fried is it?”

Me: *once again taken aback by the question* “Um…no, it’s a cold turkey sandwich.” *and I point to it on the menu*

(She orders the sandwich, and I finish ringing them up. As I’m bringing their order into the kitchen, I realize she must’ve meant to ask if EVERYTHING on our menu was fried…I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of a fried cold sandwich or fried salads.)