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(I used to work at a local retail store where seasonal items rotate through the system. The old seasonal items are eventually pulled from the sales floor and ring for a penny at the register. When an item rings for a penny, it usually means we haven’t carried the item for some time. I am the assistant manager when my cashier calls me to the front for help with a return)
Cashier: A woman at the front is trying to return a penny item and get the price on the box. Will you come handle this please?
Me: uh-oh. Okay. I’ll come see what’s going on.
I go to the cash registers and motion for the woman to come to the other register so as not to get a long line.
Customer: I just bought this yesterday at *other location* and would like a refund. I don’t have my receipt with me though.
Me: We can only do a store credit on the current price of the item, but I’ll be glad to see what I can do.
I then double check the price to find that my cashier was correct. The item scans a penny
Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but the item that you have isn’t available anymore and is ringing up for a penny. I’ll be glad to proceed, but you’ll only be able to get the penny store credit.
Customer: *points to a large sticker on the item indicating the original $15 price* It says that it was $15! I paid $15! I want my $15 back!
I turn my monitor and point to the price it is ringing up
Me: Ma’am, I’m sorry, but it’s ringing up a penny. That’s the only price that I can work with. When an item rings a penny, we haven’t carried it for some time. I can’t give you the $15 back without a receipt.
Customer: I only bought this the other day at *other location* and I want my full $15 back.
Me: Ma’am, at this point your options are to find the receipt, sell the item yourself, or go to *other location* and see what they can do. Just to give you fair warning, they will probably say the same thing. I can’t help you.
At this point the customer storms out while muttering about her $15 under her breath.