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My sister and I have stopped at a newly opened poutine place in town and are deciding what to get. A woman lines up behind us and as we haven’t made up our minds yet…

Me: “If you know what you want, you can go ahead of us.”

The woman steps in front of my sister and I (who decide what we want about 10 seconds later) and proceeds to have this exchange with the employee.

Customer: “What is on the bacon poutine?”

Employee: “Um… Bacon, cheese curd, gravy.”

(Please be aware that all of the poutine options are clearly posted with all of the ingredients listed on a giant board directly behind the employee)

Customer: “What about the pulled pork poutine?”

Employee: “Pulled pork, cheese curd, gravy.”

Customer: “What about the cheesesteak poutine?”

Employee: (turning and pointing to the board as he reads off the ingredients) “steak, peppers, cheese curd, gravy.”

The customer proceeds to do this for every. Single. Item. She takes about ten minutes to go through everything, exasperating the employee, me, my sister, and a growing line behind her before deciding on the BACON POUTINE!