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I am a front end manager at a grocery store. I am standing behind our customer service desk when a lady comes up to the window.

Customer: “The Pepsi vending machine outside just took my money!”

(The vending machines are put outside by Pepsi and the store has nothing to do with them and makes no money off of them.)

Me: “I am sorry, ma’am, but we don’t have any control over the machines.”

Customer: “I want my money back!”

My store manager is standing beside me, and he pipes in.

Store manager: “there is an 800 number on the side of the machine you can call. We make no profit off the machines and we have nothing to do with them.”

Customer: “this is ridiculous! You should give my money back! Willie will hear about this!”

(Willie is our local newspapers column similar to Ask Abby, where people write in to complain about local businesses or talk about things happening locally.)

Store Manager: *puzzled look*

Everyone stares at the woman as she storms out of the store.