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(I work in the film industry and have been instructed to guard a coned off parking lot. The only people allowed in are work trucks and people with a permit. There are two adjacent lots which the public may park in. I’m standing in front of my lot with a traffic vest when a man of Asian descent, parks in the lot next to me and then later approaches me, keys outstretched.)

Me: Oh no sir, I’m sorry I don’t work for the parking lot.

Man: *speaking language I don’t know*

Me: I’m sorry sir, I don’t understand.

Man: *gestures towards my lot with keys still outstretched and speaking more in a language I don’t recognize*

Me: I’m really sorry sir, I can’t have anyone without a permit park in this lot. I don’t work for parking, but you should be ok in the lot you parked in.

Man: *Angrily speaking language I still can’t understand*

Me: I apologize sir, I still don’t understand what you-


Me: *thinking he’s confused about where to pay* There is a pay station just right behind you, I cannot take your money, I don’t work for the parking lot.

(He then scoffed at me, rolled his eyes and proceeded to walk away from the pay station altogether.)