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I work at a small Dry Cleaners on the east end of Long Island. Today a fairly regular customer came in to drop off some shirts for cleaning and complained to the owner about a shirt that he had gotten back from us previously that had been cleaned. He’s clearly agitated.

Customer: I didn’t get enough starch on my shirt last time!

Owner: It says you asked for medium starch in our computer.

Customer: it’s supposed to be heavy starch!

Owner: Okay, I will put in the shirts you are dropping off now for heavy starch.

The owner prints out a ticket showing how many shirts he dropped off, the date they will be ready, and the price. She hands it to the customer.

Customer: (Examines the ticket) This time it’s $2.00 a shirt! Last time you charged me $3.75!

The owner explains that normally cotton shirts get sent to a laundry service at a discount. Shirts made of other materials such as rayon are done on-site for $3.75 each.

Owner: I’m sorry for the confusion. Do you remember who helped you last time?

Customer: Tits.

Owner: What?

Customer: Tits! That’s what I call her. She helped me last time.

The owner and I are too stunned to react. We’ve had plenty of rude customers but none of them as rude and as sexist as this older man who refers to large-chested women as “Tits” instead of their actual names.