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(An unusually bad lightening storm knocked out the power for a few minutes. It’s back on at this point, but I have to completely shut down and restart my oven, which takes about forty-five minutes)
Me: Hi! What can I get for you?
Customer: I’d like a small hot coffee and a cheese croissant, please.
Me: Sure! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to toast your croissant. My oven is still rebooting from the power outage earlier.
Customer: That’s a bummer! Could you warm up a chocolate croissant, instead?
Me: No, I’m afraid I can’t. My oven won’t be available for about fifteen more minutes.
Customer: Oh no! Can you do a plain croissant?
Me: I can do any croissant cold, but I can’t toast anything. (I’m trying to smile apologetically, but I’m also getting tired of repeating myself and now I have a line.)
Customer: Oh, alright! I’ll just have a small hot coffee, please! (I give him his order and he leaves.)
Customer 2: I thought he was never gonna get it!

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