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(I’m the dumb*** in this story. My blonde moments were increasingly bad yesterday, and this was only one of them. I was going to get some ice cream at the restaurant my Dad used to work at. Since they had windows for takeout, I did just the takeout. One window served their famous perch and other foods, and the other window served ice cream. There was a sign that was a picture of an ice cream cone. It read, “Ice cream on this side.” Though, I thought it said, “Ice cream on the side.” Confused, I asked the girl at the window:)

Me: What does “ice cream on the side” mean?

Worker: It means that food gets served on that side. *points to the other window* And ice cream gets served on this side.

(I really should’ve known better, considering my Dad used to work at this restaurant, but I apologized, anyway. I politely said:)

Me: Sorry, I was just wondering.

(The rest of the order went fine, and the worker was still friendly to me. After I paid, I realized what the sign actually said. I still feel like an idiot. The girl was actually blonde, and she probably never had a blonde moment like that. It didn’t help that there were other people in line, either. I don’t remember if she worked there, when my Dad worked there, but if she did, and if she remembered who I was (I only visit my Dad), she might’ve thought the daughter of the past head chef was an idiot… She probably thought I said “this”, instead of “the”. I wouldn’t have asked anything, if I knew what the sign said, in the first place.)