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(I worked in the apparel section of a Sporting Goods store. Our corporate merchandisers always gave us specific instructions on how exactly they wanted the clothing to be hung, which we had to abide by. I had just been talking to a customer who hadn’t given me any problems up to this point when suddenly she snapped her fingers at me to call me over to the fixture of pants she was looking at.)
Customer: “Let me ask you something. When they were hanging these pants, did they think about how difficult it would be to check the tags on them?”
Me: “No ma’am, but our corporate office controls how we are meant to be hanging clothes.”
Customer: “Okay well I’m turning these all around for you.”
(She proceeds to start flipping every pair of pants around on their hangers, and it looks horrible, might I add. But my years in customer service told me that it would be useless to try and reason with her.)
Me: “Uh…okay. Let me know if you have any other questions.”
(When I came back later they were all flipped around and I had to spend fifteen minutes fixing them. It still astounds me how self-righteous some people are.)