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[The Customer is at the till being served by my co-worker. She has forgotten something, so my co-worker rings the till bell and I answer.]

Me: How can I help?

Customer: I’ve forgotten some extra thick cream. Could you get some for me?

Me: Of course. Did you want single or double?

Customer: Extra thick!

Me: Yes, but single or double?

Customer: Extra thick!

[I bring back both the single and double varieties.]

Me: Did you want the single extra thick or the double extra thick?

Customer: The extra thick one.

Me: They’re both extra thick.

Customer: Oh, are they? I didn’t realise. [points at the double extra thick] That one please. I thought they went single, double extra thick.

Me: No problem, madam. Here you go.

[As I head to put the single one back, I’m wondering who else in that transaction was “extra thick”…]