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[I’m working on one of the tills and it is a busy afternoon. Luckily though it has been a relatively normal shift … that is until a man in his fifties comes to the end of my till holding a basket. I assume he’s simply going to ask me to be pointed towards a product, but instead he thrusts the basket towards me]

Man: Feel the handles of this!
Me: Sorry, sir?
Man: Just feel the handle!
[A little confused I do as he says. It feels completely normal.]
Man: It feels sticky! Doesn’t anyone clean these?
[I look over towards the baskets. There are hundreds and it would take a long, long time to thoroughly clean each and every one. But in this case I don’t think there is anything wrong with the basket. I felt both handles and they felt as they always do]
Me: That could simply be the material we use to coat the metal.
Man: No, it is sticky!
[He walks away, and halfway towards the door I hear him ranting]
Man: I’m going next door where the baskets are clean!