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(This is right after I started working in the Bakery of a popular grocery store chain. A man approaches the counter.)
Guy: I’m here to pick up a dozen half-baked chocolate chip cookies.
Me: Uhh. . .what?
(The guy explains that he places orders every Wednesday for half-baked chocolate chip cookies, due to him having a boxing class. He rewards the class with these cookies. I search for where I’m told our orders are placed for pickup but can’t find it.)
Guy: *exasperated* I can’t believe this!! This happens every week. I don’t know why I bother!
Me: Would you like me to call a manager? I only just started, so he might know more about this.
Guy: Yes!
(I call the manager and he does a slightly more thorough search. Turns out the cookies were in the freezer where pickups usually were, but it was on top of a tall stack of boxes and I hadn’t seen it. After he leaves I have a discussion with the manager and come to the conclusion that the Bakery’s communication is lax. After this incident it clears up, and the following week. . .)
Me: *noticing the same guy is on the way, I go to the freezer preemptively and retrieve the cookies, and have the price tag already printing out by the time he gets there*
Guy: *gets a huge grin as he takes the cookies without any hassle or waiting whatsoever* Wow, that was way better than last time.
Me: Yeah, well, now that I know what I’m doing. . .
(I worked there for six months and he was there every Wednesday for his half-baked cookies. Once I asked him about why he wanted those cookies exactly, he told me that they were the greatest at that consistency and asked me to try one. I’m not a big cookie eater but he was so insistent I took one anyway. Just goes to show that sometimes an initially irate customer is actually a very good person, they just need an opportunity to show it.)