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[It’s a very busy shift and all of the tills are working flat-out to get customers through. I have one woman who has at least four kids with her, all teenagers, and she has a huge pile of shopping. As soon as she steps up to my till I can see she has a weird sense of humour]
Me: Hello. Would you like a bag at all today?
Woman: Don’t you call me an old bag!
Me: I wouldn’t dream of it!
Woman: I’ll have a couple of your big bags.
[I give her the bags and start scanning. After just a few seconds …]
Woman: Look at this! She’s throwing the shopping at me now!
[I am confused by her comments. I had only been scanning the shopping through as I always do, at a moderate pace, and make sure to be careful with breakable objects or cakes etc.]
Me: I’m sorry about that.
[I scan through the rest of the items a little slower, and now she stands at the end of the till sighing]
Me: Okay, that’ll be [amount] please.
[The woman takes a couple of notes out of her purse and actually throws them at me]
Woman: Oh, sorry!
[I don’t say anything to her but put the money in the drawer, give her the change and wish her a “good day”. I still have no idea why she was so strange with me and, if I really was too fast, why her kids didn’t help her out]