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(I work drive thru during the night shift at a fairly busy fast food chain. At 10pm our dinning room closes and drive thru is open until 12am)

*Drive thru beeps around 11:55pm*

Me: Thank you for choosing (name of place) my name is (my name) how may I help you?

Customer: *with attitude* can you just hold on one moment?

Me: Yeah! Just let me know whenever you’re ready

*two minutes pass*

Me: Can I help you find anything?

Customer: I’m ready I’ve just been waiting on you

Me: Oh, my apologies. Go ahead

*customer then orders three sandwiches, four free water cups and pulls away before I can give him his total*

Me: *opens window* that will be $6.87

Customer: NO! I asked for FREE water. F R E E

Me: yes and you were not charged for the water, the food cost $6.87

Customer: why does it cost so much then?

(at this point my manger is standing near me prepping to close and doing his counts)

Me: the sandwiches are $2.29 and you ordered three, correct?

Customer: NO NO NO! The menu said $1.99!

Me: Yes, thats the price without cheese, you wanted to add cheese which is thirty cents per sandwich.

Customer: Whatever I’ll pay for the stupid cheese

(At this point I’m thinking “well yeah, you want cheese you have to pay for it? Thats how it works” but I just cash him out with a smile and hand him his food. At this point it is 12am and we are closed)

(Not even five minutes later the drive thru beeps)

Me: I’m sorry, we are now closed and can no longer serv-


(My manager then takes over the drive thru headset)

Manger: How can I help you?

Customer: That B*TCH forgot my fries and cookies

(Manger pulls up the order on the screen)

Manager: Sir, you were not charged for fries or cookies. Just three sandwiches

Customer: I demand to have my fries and cookies!

Manager: Since you were not charged and since we are now closed, I can not give you either of those items

Customer: Well f*ck you and that dumb b*tch. I want my food. I WILL be back *he then drives away from the speaker*

(I walk to the back to put away my headset and when I went back to the front I caught the guy taking apart his food and throwing it at the window. At that point all I could do was lock the window and laugh)

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