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(My coffee shop closes earlier than the rest of the department store it’s in, so sometimes customers ask if I’m still open. In this case, I’d been closed twenty minutes, had all my cleaning out, the main lights off, and was literally elbow deep in a disassembled espresso machine.)
Customer: Are you still open?
Me: No, I’m sorry. We closed twenty minutes ago.
Customer: Can I have two large coffees and a blueberry muffin?
Me: Um…no.
Customer: Can I at least get a small coffee?
Me: No, I’m closed.
Customer: Not even one small coffee?
Me: I’m sorry, but my register is already shut down and I’ve drained the leftover coffee. The rest of the store is open until eleven, but (Coffee shop) closes at nine.
Customer: Oh! You should have said something!

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