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A customer comes up to get help looking for a black Light to help find pet urine stains in carpets. On our way to the product she is holding a 6 pack if flea control.
Customer: How many doses are in this?
Me: Uh, 6. Ma’am here is the only thing we have for stain detection, it is an LED type light and has the stain remover as well.
Customer: (while walking towards the item about 5 steps away) Is that really $40
Me:Nope just 25
Cusomer: Oh guess it is on the tag. So how does this work?
Me: You shine the light, kinda like a flash light in the area you think the odor is coming from.
Customer: How long does the bulb last?
Me: Depends on how long you are using it for, and how long the batteries last.
Customer: Does it come with batteries?
Me:(looking all over the package) I am not seeing if it does or not, sorry.
Customer: Oh it’s LED that means it doesn’t need batteries.
Me: Uhhhmm. Yeah, it does. They need electricity to work, the batteries supply that.
Customer: Whatever, it won’t need them, I will take this then. Thanks!
That ended the interaction and left me wondering how she does anything. Her(what I am assuming daughter) just stood there with a blank stare and offered nothing to the conversation.

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