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My coworker and I are pulling in the signs that sit outside our doors at our popular women’s plus sized clothing store. Two teenage boys around 14-15 years old walk by; we overhear them discussing what stores they can still get into even though the mall has clearly closed. They are within a few feet of my coworker and I when this happens:

Teen 1: *slows down by the display window* What store is this? Can we go in?

Teen 2: *Glances at the window then keeps walking* Nah. Clothes. Boring.

Teen 1: Their door is still open! What is this store?

Teen 2: *Looks up at sign* Oh! Dude, no, it’s all the fat lady clothes!!

*Both teens snicker and start walking down the hall*

Me: *Loudly, smiling brightly* Hey, your mom shops here!!

The kids’ eyes grew wide and they laughed as they took off running down the hall.

My coworker and I were SO tired of fat jokes that we would hear all day long and I couldn’t take it anymore! Luckily my coworkers all laughed.

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