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(My boyfriend and I are shopping in the organic section of a popular grocery store. While we’re shopping, we’re talking. My boyfriend has a very noticeable British accent; he’s also very pale. I’m Sicilian, so I get tan easily. A woman has been behind us, huffing.)

Me: Ma’am, is there a problem?

Customer: Yes! I’m so sick of illegals like him taking American jobs! *she glares at my boyfriend*

Me: Oh! He’s in the country legally from the UK. He’s not illegal.

Customer: Like I believe that! You got married to him so he can stay here and take jobs from good Americans. *to my boyfriend* GO BACK TO MEXICO!

Boyfriend: Em, ma’am, I’m English? I don’t even look Mexican!

Customer: *huffs* Stop lying to me, you f***ing beaner! You can only afford this organic food because you took jobs from Americans! I’m going to go get an employee.

(She storms off, and we think everything is ended, so we keep shopping as normal. A minute or so later, she comes back with an employee in tow.)

Customer: See! He’s a f***ing illegal Mexican! You need to kick him out RIGHT F***ING NOW, or I’m never coming back here. I spend hundreds of dollars here every week! KICK HIM OUT!

Boyfriend: This is ridiculous. I’ve explained to you that I’m English! My girlfriend here looks more Hispanic than I do.

Employee: *looking exhausted* Ma’am, he’s clearly British. We can’t kick him out, since he did nothing wrong. Please leave these people alone, or I’ll have to ask you to leave the store.

Customer: But I did nothing wrong! He’s a beaner! You HAVE to kick him out! *suddenly she stops and smiles* Speak Spanish.

Employee: Ma’am, please stop.

Customer: *when my boyfriend doesn’t speak Spanish, she lunges, and starts hitting him with her purse*

Employee: Ma’am! I have to ask you to leave. You can check out your items, but then, you have to leave and I can’t allow you back in the store.

Customer: BUT HE’S A BEANER!