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(I’m unfortunately on my least favorite register shift 6 pm to 1:15 am. I am the only person in the store other than the five or so night stockers who are scattered throughout the store. It’s a Thursday, so it hasn’t been too busy, but still I’m getting a fair amount of people coming in and buying alcohol. A group of 3 teens about my age or younger, so 18-20, come in ask where the ATM is, I show them then go back to my register. About ten minutes later, they’re at my register with a few two liters of store brand lemon lime soda, a bottle of store brand coke and one of those huge bottles of grape Hawaiian Punch. I start scanning their items.)

Customer #1: (after I’ve finished scanning and have asked for their store card then put in the store’s because they don’t have one) “So… Do you think this’ll make good jungle juice?”

Customer #2: “You know, without the coke.”

(I’m slightly shocked, because they don’t look old enough to drink, and they aren’t buying alcohol, but I’m not stupid, a lot of teens like to party. Now, I don’t drink, I drank once on new year’s and not enough to actually get drunk, only one or two wine coolers. I do know what jungle juice is though, and it’s late, so I humor them.)

Me: “I wouldn’t know, sir, I actually don’t drink. Your total is [total].

Customer #1: “What?? Really?” (I nod)

Customer #3: “Well, some people have morals, I guess.” (I struggle not to laugh)

(They pay and I sticker/bag their drinks, say my usual ‘have a great night’)

Customer #2: (as they’re leaving) “You should start drinking!”

Me : (in my head) “No thanks, please leave now.”

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