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I’m just the co-worker in this story. An older lady came in a well known pizza place. She gives us her name, which doesn’t pull up anything.
Co-worker: Ma’am I’m not pulling up anything on that band. Did you put it under another name?
Customer: Excuse me, do you think I don’t know my own name. Co-worker: no ma’am, some people just sometimes have different people in their house. What did you order? Customer: (well known pizza from competition) I ordered 40 mins ago. Co-worker: ma’am we don’t sell that. Are you sure you didn’t order from (competition)? Customer: I know where I ordered the d*** pizza. Co-worker: in apologize, but we do not sell those. At this point, the customers daughter came in. Customer: call you dad and tell him to send me the number I called from his phone. (They got the number, and she called to prove that they called us. A minute later, she cursed and hung up the phone, stormed out. The daughter apologized and ran after her) so apparently, she ordered from (competition like we thought)