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(My family and I were dong our monthly rounds in [bulk goods store] when an associate from [popular satellite TV company] walked up to us with an offer regarding price, which would’ve been a good deal. However, we live in an apartment and the building structure makes it impossible to install satellite. This particular company also doesn’t allow for certain channels to be accessed.)

Associate: Hey there, folks. Can I interest you in a brochure about [Company’s] new service?

My Father: No, thanks, You guys don’t offer the channels I like and our cable company does.

Associate: Ahh, I’m sorry about that sir. However, can I offer you information regarding [exclusive package that’s not bad either]?

Me: Dad…

My Dad: Maybe if your company offered more coverage from [list of multiple news shows that are cable exclusive] we’d go for it.

Associate: Oh, Of course sir! I totally understand.

(I can tell at this point the associate was just trying to make a sale and was powerless to do anything regarding my dad’s problem with the company.)

Me: Um, dad?

My dad: *after ranting* And that’s why we go with [Cable provider].

Me: *turning to associate* Sir, We live in an apartment building, The apartment faces in a way that the satellite wouldn’t work. We unfortunately have to turn down the offer.

Associate: *visibly thankful for my explanation* Oh, My apologies! I understand that all too well. You folks have a lovely day!

Me: Thank you, you too!

(as we were walking away.)

Me: Dad, why’d you have to go into the rant about those channels when you could’ve just told him we live in an apartment?

My dad: Well, after hearing people’s complaints he’ll talk to his higher ups and that can help change things at their company.

Me: …

(The company mentioned is rather large, and this associate couldn’t have been much older than I was, so I doubt his employer’s would’ve cared about or been able to deal with a few measly complaints regarding channels. To all associates who have to deal with this, Thank you for your patience!)