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I was working at the registers when the fire alarm sounded, and a manager announced over the intercom that everyone would need to evacuate the building.

Me: Ok. Let’s Go. *Turns off light and takes a few steps toward the door.

The other cashiers are either staring at each other or continuing to work as if nothing had happened, and twenty-some customers are still standing in line.

Me: Come on! Do you all here the fire alarm and the announcement? We have to go, now!

Customer: What do we do with our stuff?

Me: Leave it your cart or put what is in your hands on the floor, and you can come back and buy it later!

Coworker: How do we know that wasn’t a false alarm?

Me: Did you not here the announcement?

Coworker: No.

Me: Well, there was an announcement, and I am going to leave. You all can do whatever you want.

I walked toward the managers who were standing near the front door. It took a painfully long time for my coworkers and customers to follow. We were allowed back into the building about an hour later. It turned out there had been an electrical fire that started in a speaker, and it burned itself out before doing too much damage,

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