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(In my shop, there is an additional charge for having items gift-wrapped. We do wrap some in advance, but there is always a “£2 Gift wrap service” sign next to them, and we have to check the customer knows about the charge.)

A couple comes to my desk with six boxes, all pre-gift-wrapped.

Me: Ok, guys – before I start, do you know it’s £2 extra for gift-wrap?

Customers: …three for [offer]?

Me: Yes, but the gift wrap is £2 extra per box.

The couple stare at me.

Me: So it’ll be £12 more, because they’re gift-wrapped.

More blank stares.

Me, pointing to the boxes: So – 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, £12 for your gift wrap, ok?

The couple confer with each other very quietly, then look back at me. Nothing has been said to me directly. I ring the items up.

Me: That’ll be [price] altogether —

Lady Customer: WOAH!!

Me: That’s what I’m saying, guys – it’s £2 per box for the gift wrap.

Customers, suddenly understanding: Ok. We’ll get something else.

The sad thing is, this happens at least once a week.