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(I am in the recovery room after having a minor operation. The nurse has told me that she needs to be with me the first time I get up.)
Me: I’d like to go to the bathroom, please.
Nurse: Right this way.
(She carries my IV bag while we walk to the bathroom a few feet away and steps into the bathroom with me.)
Nurse: Would you like me to stay with you or leave?
Me: Stay with me.
Nurse: I’ll lock the door so that nobody walks in on us.
(I look around in confusion)
Me: Wait, didn’t I ask you to give me privacy? Oh my gosh, I’m sorry, did I mix up my words?
Nurse: Don’t worry, that’s common enough. I’ll wait outside. Yell if you need me.
(I felt so awful about it. I hope she’s right that it’s a normal mistake.)