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, | Unfiltered | May 11, 2020

(A dark haired woman comes up to me with a huge vase of flowers.)

Woman: “Hello, would you keep this for me?”

Me: “Ok, but only for a few minutes.”

Woman: “Yeah.” *leaves it and runs off*

(Hours later, the vase is still there and I see a dark haired child come up and run away with it.)

Me: “Hello!”

(He disappears. Figuring it was the woman’s child, I disregard it. Then a few more hours after that, the woman comes up.)

Woman: “Where’s my vase?”

Me: “Oh, this boy took it. I thought he was your child.”

Woman: “He is not my child! I told you to keep it for me!”

Me: “Ma’am, I said that I would hold it for a few minutes, it has been hours.”

She glared at me and walked off.)