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(Our store has us set the date on our price guns so the clearance sticker ends up showing the date and the price. This is a HUGE corporation and I have zero control over what things gets priced at what time and what don’t. This happens when two women are looking in our clearance pajama section)

Woman 1: How often do you mark things down?

Me: New markdowns are generally done once a week, while things that have already been marked down will again after about a month or two.

Woman 1: Well, the sticker on this pair says 6/14 on it. This other pair has 7/13. Why hasn’t it gone down more?

Me: well, sometimes they’ll mark down different styles or colors before others; or sometimes it will depend on the season. Let me price check it, though, in case it has gone down and was missed.

Me: I’m sorry, but this is the correct price. However, there is an additional 25% off clearance items so it will be cheaper.

Woman 1: well, it’s been a month. Can you mark it down again?

Me: No, ma’am. I understand it can be frustrating when similar items are priced differently, but I cannot change the price.

Woman 1: it’s been a month. Can’t you just mark it down again?

Me: Ma’am, I cannot just “mark it down again.” I cannot just make up a price for it. The prices are set by corporate and we are sent a list of what styles will go to what price. I’m sorry. We do have similar sets of pajamas that are cheaper if you’d like to get a different pair.

Woman 2:*after rolling her eyes at me* whatever, she says she can’t change it. But we have a coupon anyway.

Me: I’m sorry, but unfortunately the coupons don’t come off of clearance price. However, it is already an additional 25% off the ticket.

(They shot me Dirty looks like you wouldn’t believe. They thn proceeded to berate my associate,who was brand new, and try to intimidate her into more money off. I took over and they finally left, without the pajamas.)