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(This happens on a Saturday evening when I am working in the pool, watching the water slide. We are in a thunderstorm warning and there has been a lot of thunder and lightning in a short amount of time, so I decide to close the pool until the weather calms. A woman has been checking back with us periodically on if the pool will reopen, and at this point there is maybe a half hour left in my shift. I go outside for a moment to check on rain, etc. The guest follows me, though I don’t know why.)

Me: I did see lightning a couple of minutes ago.

Guest: Oh, I think you imagined it.

(It should be noted that, while I think lightning can be pretty, I kind of hate it, due to some awful stormy camping trips as a child. I would not make up seeing lightning. About five seconds after this guest’s comment:)

Sky: *lightning flash*

Guest: …Oh.

Me: *walks back inside*

(I ended up not turning the water slide back on for the night, because I wanted to be safe over sorry with that lightning. I stayed to clean up a few things, and then came home, overly worried about even just a few random streaks of lightning.
And this guest or another decided to tell my coworker that the “lightning can strike an indoor pool” idea is a myth and our rule about pool closings was ridiculous. We had a good little rant about that one. Some people.)