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(I’m a manager for a local burger joint that is both fast food with its own drive thru and a sit down area where you are served by a waiter. However some customers sit down at the bar area and eat there. On this night a customer sits down at the bar and I take their order and serve them. After they finish eating they come up the register to pay. He has his hand on his stomach like he is full.)

Me: “You feeling full?”

Customer: “Yes I do feel that.”

Me: “Well then that is a good feeling.”

Customer: “It can be but do you know what the best feeling is?”

(I was thinking he was trying to be corny or something.)

Me: “Umm…Love?”

Customer: “Well it has to deal with love.”

(At this point I’m quite confused at what he is talking about.)

Customer: “Oh come on you are young guy. You know what I’m talking about. It’s like that feeling after you really need to pee.”

Me: “Umm…are you talking about relief?”

Customer: “Yes! Exactly, but sexually!”

(At this point I’m completely thrown off. The customer, without saying anything else, pays and leaves.)

Employee (who had been standing there they entire time and had heard everything): “Why would he say something like that?”

Me: “I have no idea…”