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So, I work in an electronics store, which has a department for cell phones and accessories, working with major US carriers. A young man comes in one morning looking to upgrade.

Me: Hello, how’s it going?

Customer: Pretty good. I’d like a new phone with [Carrier] please!

Me: Alright! Let me get your account pulled up here. Do you have the last four numbers of the primary account holder’s social? (a standard security measure with all major carriers)

Customer: No. Why would I know that?

Me: Well, it is a security measure to ensure no unauthorized people get into your account.

Customer: Never needed it before.

Me: Well, you do. If you’d like, feel free to call or text them to get it.
(I proceed to pull up his account using a separate method of authentication, seeing that there is a past due balance on the account. Until said balance is paid, we are unable to upgrade any phones)

Me: While you’re speaking with him, there is also a past due balance of $381.25, which prevents me from upgrading lines on the account

Customer: I don’t f*****g care, I just want a new phone

Me: Well, without that being paid, I cannot activate a phone on the account

Customer: So just give me the phone and I’ll come back later

Me: (Wondering if he was serious, explain that we can’t give him a $700 phone without him paying for it in some fashion)

Customer: [Hands me his phone]

Customers father: Why the f*** are you telling my son he can’t get a phone you lying piece of s***!

Me: (Shocked by the sudden rage over a fairly common issue) Well, sir, due to the unpaid balance on the account, we cannot touch it.

Father: F*** you! I f****** called your customer service last month and they said he can!

Me: (After explaining that our CS reps do not do upgrade checks, I realize he called the carrier. We are a separate store, and not a corporate store for that carrier. I explain this, and that his son is eligible, were it not for the balance)

Father: F*** you! What the f*** is your name and store number?!? I’m calling customer service and you’re losing your job!

Me: Sir, I work for [retailer] not [carrier]. Until your bill is paid, no upgrades can be done, and I cannot change that.

Father: I’ll f****** kill you you lying piece of s***!

Me: (Hands phone back to customer, not wanting to be threatened for nothing) Sir, your father threatened to kill me, and the bill is still unpaid. I’m afraid I can’t help you.

Customer: I’ll f****** kill you you f***. I’m never f****** coming here again! (walks away)

Coworker: What was that about??

Customer: (turns around) THE F*** YOU SAY YOU F****** B****!!!

Coworker and myself: Sir. Please leave, and never come back.

Customer: F*** YOU!!!!!!!!!

Me, to coworker: Did that just happen…?

(They were banned from our store, all because they didn’t pay their bill. Still not sure what exactly happened.