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It was a getting towards close, and a six top walked in. I needed the money, so to the dismay of my cooks I showed them to a table.

Our restaurant has five levels of spice that apply to all but a few of our dishes. Thai food can be painfully spicy, and an inaccurate assumption can end with miserable customers, meals being sent back and terrible tips. I try to be very careful.

I took several of their orders, but one woman seemingly didn’t understand.

Customer: I’d like [dish]

Me: Okay, how spicy would you like it?

Customer: Oh, just the regular.

Me: I’m sorry, we have a scale for our spice levels, and I really need you to use it. Our food can be EXTREMELY hot, and I don’t like to assume what people want.

I finished that with a little laugh to try to lighten the conversation.

Customer: Well, just whatever is normal.

At this point I can see the scowl coming over her face. Here it comes.

Me: We don’t really have a “normal” here (insert awkward chuckle and gesture at the spice level on the menu) but here are the spice levels, if you could just choose one of these, I can get your order in.

Customer’s husband: Why don’t you just calm down, now?

Me: Excuse me?

Husband: Just settle down. She wants it with the regular spice level.

Rinse and repeat. This went on several times, and neither the woman nor her husband would tell me how spicy she wanted her food (this is after her husband had successfully and easily told me his spice preference.)

Ten minutes later, I’ve managed to get their order, and I’m entering it in the computer. The husband walks up to my register.

Husband: Excuse me, I’d like to cancel our order.

Me: Okay, I can do that. Is everything okay?

Husband: No.

Me: I’m so sorry, what happened?

Husband: We don’t deserve to be treated this way; what is your name?

Me: [name]

Husband: I am going to contact your manager.

Me: Sir, I’m so sorry, what did I-

At that point he walked away. I haven’t seen them since, but my manager told me that they did call, and she backed me up. Honestly one of the worst things I’ve experienced as a server.