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I work in a grooming salon inside a popular pet supplies store. It’s about two or three minutes before the store closes, but I’ve just closed the salon and am checking out with a bag of cat food before I head home. At the register next to me, I overheard a conversation.

Customer: I recently bought a fish here but it died and I would like to buy this fish now for the same price as I got the last one.

Cashier: (looks at the receipt she shows him) I’m sorry ma’am, but the fish you had is not the same as this fish. This species of fish is a little more expensive.

Customer: Look, this is the third time I’ve wasted my time and gas coming down here. I want this fish for a dollar.

Cashier: Ma’am, this is not the same species of fish. I can’t sell it to you at the same price as another species.

Customer: I want to speak to your manager.

I had to leave right after that, and I have no idea what the manager did. I was just taken aback that a woman walked in right before closing and demanded a fish for a dollar for absolutely no reason.

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