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(It is 5:50 pm, and there is a crazy snowstorm blowing in. We got a call from corporate to close at 6:00 so everyone can get home safely. Both customers in this story are regulars. Customer #1 is an old man in his 90s. Customers think he is sweet, but the staff know he’s actually very rude. Customer #2 is a business woman in her early 60s who is very courteous. My manager relays this story to me right after it happens.)

Manager: *steps onto elevator with Customer #1 and Customer #2* You both know we’re closing in ten minutes because of the storm, right?

Customer #1: How DARE you close early! I am a paying customer!

Manager: I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s for everyone’s safety. We open again at 9am like normal.

Customer #1: This is outrageous!

Customer #2: Didn’t you notice the massive storm? And the fact that we are literally the only customers in here? You can’t expect the staff to stay here just for you.

Customer #1: Yes, I can! I’m a paying customer!

Customer #2: And the staff are people who deserve to get home safely tonight, not robots here to serve you!

Customer #1: Well, you’re a bitch, aren’t you!

Elevator: *dings, doors open*

Manager: Customer #1, please don’t use that kind of language with my customers or my staff. You have exactly 10 minutes, and then you have to leave. Customer #2, what are you here to get tonight? I’ll buy it for you.

(Customer #1 got banned a few weeks later for spilling coffee over the railing onto a customer below!)

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