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(I am another customer in this story. I watch a mother and son, Somewhere around 5 years old at a guess. After watching her moan and complain while getting served at the counter, I can already tell that they are going to be noisy and likely cause problems. Sadly the only other free table was beside them, and had to listen to this:)

Son: *Opens his kids meal box and cries* “I Don’t want this toy. I Already have it!”
Mother: *Snaps fingers then points at the cleaner* “You there! Can’t you see my kid is upset?! Why aren’t you doing your job and helping?”
The cleaner rushes over to the table “Is he hurt?”
Mother: “No but you’ll be hurt if you don’t do your f***ing job!”
Cleaner: “I’m so sorry…”
Mother: *Interrupts* “Thats better”
Cleaner: “…But my job is to keep this dining area clean right now. If you or your son aren’t happy my colleagues at the counter will be happy to see if they can swap his toy for you”
Son: “Dumb bitch!”
(Both me and several others couldn’t help but turn our heads in shock that such a young child would even come out with such a phrase!)
Mother: “Now now, calm down, don’t worry. I’ll take you to the toy shop next door and you can pick any toy you want to make up for this bulls**t”
Son: “And a puppy”
Mother: “Of course. Anything my beautiful little boy wants!” *Turns back to cleaner* “You see? You should be serving me like I am treating my kid! You’re useless scum and don’t even deserve the minimum wage job scrubbing my s**t out the toilets!”
Cleaner: I’m getting my manager. If you continue to be so abusive we will have to ask you to leave”

(The child finishes off his meal and walks over to get a coloring-in paper and finds there are no crayons. He tells his mom, who erupts as the manager shows up, demanding a refund on the meal they just eaten because of the lack of crayons totally ruining the experience)

Manager: “Certainly, I’ll provide you with a refund. Just follow me and wait by the door while I get your money and paperwork”
(I and a few others look visually confused as to why he would possibly agree to give such an idiot their money back after everything that went on just now)
Mother: “Paperwork? What paperwork? I just want my money handed back to me from someone who isn’t a total c**t!”
Manager: “Nothing special. Just your copy of the quick summary of your actions today that constitute abuse and harassment, informing you that you are banned from our store, and explaining that if you return we will not hesitate to call the police to report you trespassing, and let them know the whole story”

(The manager come back, and as I was leaving, I heard him telling the cleaning colleague that she could finish early today if she wanted, and then the absolute best part of the story… She actually stood there 5 minutes waiting for a refund and ban notice, to be told he looked up the transaction through the till and discovered she didn’t spend a single penny on the food, as it was paid for using a free meal coupon out of the local newspaper)

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